Shelly Berg

Hi Benny,

I'l be in NYC next Tuesday, January 16 recording some episodes of my Sirius XM Radio Show, "Generation Next". If you are around I'd love to feature you and your music on a show.


Nina Kaufman

Just made reservations at The Fish House/Miami because you will be playing there!
Please tell them ( Idid!) that their website shows NO UPCOMING EVENTS! You are an Event!!!! looking forward to hearing you in person Thursday evening

Lisa Gemme

Hi Benny!
I'll be in Miami when you're playing at Lagniappe! I'm there with Dan for a work trip. Would love to come to your show!! Will you have time to meet for a drink and catch up? Wait til I tell Eric and Brian!!
Lisa Gemme (from Tilton Drive)

Craig McKee

Dear Benny,

I heard you at Mezzrow. Is it feasible to order your album with an autograph?

Kind regards,
Craig McKee

Mike Klingenberger

I would like to be added to the email list. Great music, would love to see more live performances in the Midwest! Keep on keepin' on!

Jim Filson

Wow. Looking forward to seeing you live. Heard you on Spotify.

Codi Mitchell

About 5 minutes ago I was listening to the Vocal Jazz playlist on Spotify, and I heard your music for the first time. I was completely blown away by the musicianship and have already pulled up more of your gift on YouTube. I'm also a vocalist and an amateur pianist, and have been composing for a couple of years. It's musicians like you that I love learning from. I love hearing solid, good, unique jazz, and that's what I heard from you. It's incredible what you do, and will definitely be following all that you do. Thanks for sharing your talents, and I can't wait to see and hear even more!!
Best wishes to you,
Codi M

John Orenstein

I'm an amateur jazz pianist, and I was blown away by you and your band in Minneapolis on Sunday. A friend of mine is a pianist/singer/composer in New York; we were Obies together a few decades ago. His recent CD has a couple of songs that I think you might be interested in doing. His name is Bill Zeffiro, the CD is Better Than Nothing, and the tracks are Universal Truth and La Comedia E Finita. They can be downloaded from (Note, "Universal Truth" probably should have been titled after its first line, "Every man's a shmuck when he's in love.")

Bill can be reached at He plays at La Ravista in Manhattan two nights a week.

You deserve to be in the Dakota here, and I hope they wake up and book you one day.



Amy Swayzee

Looking forward to your event Friday night. Having a 'sisters' weekend in Chicago and I was tasked to find the entertainment for Friday. My husband is a professional trumpet player who played with Ray Charles. You can hear him on my youtube channel .
I tease him because his band usually does Benny's From Heaven. He liked that you did that on your new album.

Dean Paul

Your grandad used to play in front of the Pitt Marching band (1964?), when I was a trombone player in the band. He would provide wonderful hot professional solos over the band arrangements.

Then he had a performing orchestra that hired Duquesne University players. I got to play with the band one time when the pianist was sick.

I remember your dad as a sax player and remember how he wanted to head off to get his MBA (at the time he wanted to get married)

Your talent is remarkable. The Feifke band is incredible. Also caught youtubes of you playing the piano. Unbelievable. Will follow your career from now on. Yea Pittsburgh musicians!

Tina Telesco

I'm having a small (50 people) dinner party on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel on Saturday November 4th. I'm looking to see your availability and price for a few hours that night. I just listened to your music and my husband would absolutely LOVE it! We are celebrating his 60th birthday.
I look forward to hearing back from you,
Tina Telesco

Peter Ent

Last night I went to see Isaac Mizrahi at City Winery in Atlanta. Little did I know I was about to hear one of today's best jazz trumpeters. Even Mr Mizrahi knew when Benny stole the show with his incredible solos. And being the generous man he is, Mr Mizrahi is let Benny shine. Benny made a new fan last night and today I'm listening to his album.

Colin La

I remember watching you play (and playing with you the next night for a bit) during this year's TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival with Antonio Ciacca's Quintet at Frankie's Jazz Club. Hope to see you return to Vancouver and congratulations on the release.

Colin La

Labat Bernard

I animate a jazz show Les Cats rebel on Radio Côte Sud Fm 90.3 in Seignosse in France. Would it be possible to receive your album for broadcast and chronic in my program. You can if you want to send by digital file (in Wav format).
I am at your service
see you soon
Bernard Labat
The Cats are rebelling South Coast Fm
1513 avenue Charles de Gaulle
40510 Seignosse France
06 88 87 13 00

j'anime une émission jazz Les Cats se rebiffent sur la radio Côte Sud Fm 90.3 à Seignosse en France. Serait il possible de recevoir votre album pour diffusion et chronique dans mon émission. Vous pouvez si vous le souhaitez envoyer par fichier numérique (en format Wav).
Je me tiens à votre disposition
à très bientôt
Bernard Labat
Les Cats se rebiffent Côte Sud Fm
1513 avenue Charles de Gaulle
40510 Seignosse France
06 88 87 13 00

Tom Campbell

Your "Shows" lists Nighttown in Youngstown, OH. That club is in Cleveland Heights, OH.


Love the new album. It has great energy and you can tell just how tight your band is after playing what I'm guessing is many gigs over the last year or so.

Love the singing as well. You are a new sound and voice amidst all the new trumpet lions over the last 20 years or so. There have been so many great new players but your singing and playing combo is unique. Wish you all the best.

I'd love to see you live in a "cutting" session with some other trumpet players like they used to have in the old days.


Kevin McAnarney

Saw your concert tonight and got your cd. I am the one who told you that I saw you during the Ann Hampton Callaway last time at Birdland. I was blown away by your talent. And thus kept you name on a Must see list for the future. And tonight was the
first time, since then.
Please do place me on your mailing lists:
Kevin P McAnarney
301 West 45th Street
# 9 D
New York NY 10036


Ugo Rossi

Hi Benny,
these are my projects:

I am available as a drummer and arranger.

Thank you.

Ugo Rossi

Phone: +393498761264

Turin - Italy

Scott Anthony Brennan

As you probably know by now, I became your #instafan after I flipped out over your performance at Birdland on August 7th, 2017, at Jim Caruso's Cast Party! Seriously, cannot wait to see you perform again!

[On a side note: I cannot believe I didn't get a picture with you while we were talking. Next time. I did get a pic with your amazing pianist, Antonio Madruga, though. He's the the way! Wow! Anyway, the upside is this assures I will be back to see you in LIVE in concert----just to get that pic, lol! ]

For the record, I already have your album pre-ordered on iTunes. Can. Not. Wait! Hurry up September 15th!

Cheers from your most outspoken LA/West Coast Fan! It's crazy, I was a super fan of Harry Connick Jr. when I was a kid, and in later years fell big time for Andrea Bocelli, and Michael Buble. I haven't been this excited about an artist since Josh Groban hit the scene!

You're a combination of all of them, yet with a style that is distinct and unique. I see you following in their footsteps ! #bbiii4me

Thanks for being so committed to your profession. It screams art, and passion, and love for life! Your Gramps would be so proud! He's gotta be looking down on all of this with a smile! You are definitely "Benny from Heaven."

Keep up the great work, Benny. Until next time--in person. Ciao!

Scott Anthony Brennan

Wing Mayer

Hey Benny! Sitting with this year's crop of Vail Jazz Workshop kids (my ears are ringing)--it's going to be an awesome Vail Jazz Party, starting Thursday night. Will be in NYC in a couple of weeks and scored some tix to your show at Birdland, with Maureen and another couple. Can't wait! See you soon.


Connor Williams

Hi Benny,

My name is Connor and I'm reaching out on behalf of Howard Stone and the Vail Jazz Foundation. This year we are beginning to reach out to our alumni in the hopes of forming a better, more connected network. I was wondering if you had the time for a quick phone or skype interview to help me make some content for our first alumni newsletter (tentatively to be sent this Fall). Additionally you could use this opportunity to talk about your upcoming album release. Looking forward to talking with you further.



Angela Verbrugge

Hi Ben, Enjoyed hearing you at the jam last night. Would you add me to your enewsletter? Thanks! Angela

Anthony Newcomb

Hey B. , James town. I've got some great pictures of you and your dad let me know how I may send to you ok.

Anthony Newcomb

Nice job you andvyiur dad last night bro .! Y'all are solid entertainers. Your dad let me hold his taped up b flat silver nickle blessing. Lol

Josh Bonnici

Hi Benny,

I'm currently in the process of transcribing your trumpet solo in Kiss Me Slowly but I have no idea what the chord changes are in the tune. Any chance you'd be willing to send me them to help me out?
I remember you coming out to SRU last semester as one of the guest artists for the jazz band and really started listening to your tunes. I've recently been studying jazz vocals and jazz trumpet more seriously and would love to know your music better.

All the best,
Josh Bonnici

Long Tran

Hello there, huge fan first and foremost.

We are over here at university of the pacific, home of Dave Brubeck, and we are really interested in adding your tune "I found you" to our set list for our next concert. Before we decide to transcribe it, would you perhaps already have a lead sheet for it available to send us? It would be much appreciated. Thank you! Please keep making great music.

Ron Cerrone

Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

Kim Prelosky


My name is Kim Prelosky and I am the current Internal Events Manager at Phipps Conservatory.

I have the pleasure of coordinating this year's Jazz in the Garden event and I would like to discuss potential dates that you and your band would be available to perform.

I am currently considering Thursday, June 22 and Thursday, June 29th, 2017. Times are yet to be decided but would be similar to last year's event. This takes place in our Outdoor Garden as it has in the past.

Please let me know if you would be interested in performing again this year.

Thank you,

Kim Prelosky



Kyler Iorio

Hello! You recently played at Joe Hands 80th birthday party in Philadelphia at Del Frisco\'s and was very impressive. I am getting married a year from this weekend on September 23 2017 in Cinnaminson, NJ and curious if you have any interest. I appreciate great music and would be honored if a great musician such as yourself might have interest in playing on such a special day. Thanks for your time and feel free to give me a call or send an email.
Kyler Iorio (215) 360-7478

Dave Douglass

Do you have the exact Japan itinerary? I'll send it to my buds in Osaka and Tokyo, and on Hokkaido.


Hi, I was surprised to hear you at the Josh Grobin Jones Beach Concert last night. I graduated from Clairton High in 1966 and I knew your Grandpa and his "Band with the Beat". I'll never forget his band playing St Louie Blues, marching and dancing up to the stadium for a football game. How lucky I was to have experiencedI his performances. And how proud he would be of his Grandson- with Josh Grobin !!! What a great job you did. Thank You

Dick Gimigliano

I enjoyed listening to your grandfather during my years at Pitt and beyond, In short he was great.
Good luck at the Peperoncini Jazz Festival. I only wish I was going to be there to hear you but dont arrive in Italy until September. You will find Sergio to be not only knowledgeable but a great
I hope that somewhere down the road I get the opportunity to hear you live.

Phillip Jackson

I'm Phillip Jackson with the English language arts and lifestyle magazine Kansai Scene in Osaka.

I write the monthly gig listings, pick-ups and artist interview for the music section of the magazine. I am currently putting together the August and September section of the magazine and wondered if it would be possible to put in a short half page interview with Benny Benack III prior to the upcoming New Century Jazz Quintet gig at Mister Kelly's, Osaka in August.

If this is possible we usually e-mail three questions for the artists as a taster for fans and new audience alike prior to the gig.

The magazine website is and is available in both online and print formats (the print format has a monthly distribution of approx 15,000 copies).

I hope that this is possible and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Phillip Jackson
Kansai Scene
Live Editor


Just wanted to thank you for allowing the young musicians to play with you at Jergels last night. What a thrill it was for them! My son is a drummer who loves jazz and was so excited to be on a stage with you! Your encouragement means so much.

Hey i just saw your video on Google

Hey There,
thanks for taking the time to read my email
i just want to share with you this quick video showing you how i am ranking video after video on the first page of google!
Look i know you get message after message from people telling you how they can get you first page rankings, well in this video i show you that i WALK THE WALk!
All i ask is you give me 2 mins of your time so i can show you how i rank Videos on the front page of Google and how i can do the same for you bringing in clients\sales in days! (this will take you to my private blog)
enjoy the video and get ready to have your socks blown off!
enjoy! Dean.
Hey i just saw your video on Google

Marcela Salgado

Congratulations for the Unforgettable Crooner's performance! It was great Benny.

New Brunswick Jazz Project

Hi Benny,
We would love to have you perform for us in New Brunswick. We have Thursday, August 4th at the Hyatt. 8.00 to 11.00 two sets paying $300 for a quartet.
Let me know,

David Adams

Please add me to your mailing list.

Thank you!

Adam James

Hi Benny! Are you available on August 20th for a show in Pittsburgh?


I saw you last week at Smalls, I would like to buy your CD. Is that possible here in NY?

Paul Fox

Just a reminder... To nominate you for the Upper St. Clair High School (USCHS) Arts Hall of Fame, I need an updated professional resume from you AND a list of your high school and collegiate musical accomplishments (do you have an old USCHS resume for college entrance applications?). The deadline is coming up SOON... HELP! My cell phone is 412-596-7937.PKF

Frank Culver

Hi Benny! We saw you in Miami while at Lagniappe, and thoroughly enjoyed your performance! Do you know when you might be in South Florida again?
Thank you!
Frank Culver
Finleyville, PA

Adam James

Hi Benny,

My great friend and many times co-performer, Tony DeSare recommended that I contact you to see if you were available to put together a band to perform with me on August 20th at The Monroeville Jazz Fest.

If you are available on that date, let's have a chat to discuss possible details.

Thanks and I've been enjoying your recordings


Adam James (646) 303-1177

Per Thornberg

Hello Benny!
Thanks for a fantastic gig at Dizzy's Coca-Cola Club tuesdays in NYC,
I'm a Swedish tenorsax player and I truly enjoyed the Quintet which included top soloists with personal touch, sound and expression.
Sound, Soul & Swing! Yeah, man! Really inspiring.
Kind regards
Per Thornberg


Hi Benny, Yeissonn Villamar passed on your number for a possible Gatsby themed gig in NY on 12/7. Can you give me a call to discuss? Thanks 917-744-2213

Shay Badolato

Good Afternoon,
I'm a concierge at Fairmont Pittsburgh. We have private residences, who are hosting a surprise baby shower with a Pittsburgh/ New Orleans theme. They would like to have a jazz musician for their nightly entertainment. The event is at 7PM on December 4th. Please email me @ . I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Maggie schmotzer

Dear Mr. Benack,
Just thinking an dhoping if you would be available for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Gala to be held at Allegheny Country Club- Sewickley , PA July Friday , July 8, 2016? Please email me your rates and availability.
Maggie 412-680-9424

John Putzier

We spoke last year about performing at our Annual Meeting and Spring dinner/dance at the Rivers Casino. Would you let me know if you are available on Friday, May 22 at 6pm? If so, what is your current fee? This will be about 50-60 people.

Larry Kemp

I'm writing a book about jazz trumpeters and want to include you. I've i0ncluded your grandfather and will be happy to send you the Chapter which inclusdes him,. Your grandfather was the first jazz artist I ever attended a live performance of when I saw him perform in the Riverbopat Room of the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh in 1967. Several years later I met your uncle Flip at the McDivitt's house in West Elizabeth. My first wife was a cousin of the 3 McDivitt sisters. I will send you a snail mail with chapter and questions.

Yana Gevorgyan

Benny, I heard you for the first time at Dizzys on July 25 and loved the performance, the musicians you played with, the spirit and delivery of the music. Terrific all around. SUggest that you please consider coming to Wash, DC. Don\\\\\\\'t know if you\\\\\\\'ve been, but I think you\\\\\\\'d enjoy performing here and the audience will love you. There are many venues that would be great options. I don\\\\\\\'t know how you approach the issue of where to tour, but I do hope you put Wash, DC area in the mix. I would love to hear you again!


Susan Hommel

Can you add Temple Emanuel of South Hills, 1250 Bower Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 to your upcoming performance dates on your website? Saturday, November 1, 2014 :)
We're putting SAVE THE DATE in our bulletin with your website address.

Nina Scaglione Kaufman

I just had to share my warm memories of your Grandad, Benniw and our family in Tampa Fla. Bennie was istationed at Mac Dill AFB and played spectacular Trumpet with Maestro Anthony Fredric. He and Guido and the bank spent all their time while stationed here for a couple of years before they were shipped to Germany with the band.
Warmest memories - your grandad and all of them spent all their time with us, eating dinner nightly, riding our boat in Tampa Bay, going to Clearwater BEach where we had a houme. He also helped my dad at his retread tire shop for extra $$ and mostly comradre'. You resemble him soooo much. I am going to be 80 next week and somehow, I gravitated to look up some people in my own past whom were great memories (I was 9/10 years old during that time) My mom and dad are now deceased byt the vivid memories of our wonderful time together with your dad and Guido as well as Martino (I believe he was a cousin?) the warm memories are within my heart always! God Bless you for the wonderful music you are giving others in your own world memories that will last years to come. Nina Scaglione

Susan Hommel

As a member of the Pittsburgh Jazz Society, I have seen you perform over the years. I am chairing a caberet night fund raiser for Temple Emanuel in Mt. Lebanon at the end of Oct. or early Nov., 2014, and thought of you. Can you tell me your availability and price to entertain us for about an hour?
Thank you, Susan Hommel 412-831-0411

Sulei Jones LY

Hi Benny,
I am reaching out again to you on the behalf of Nancy Manoncherian with whom you met sometime ago in Miami.
We are running a Jazz series at the cell, a twenty first century venue, and we will like to have a speaking time with you to explore any possible way for you to play in our venue.

347 949 2940

Geoff Loose


I hope things are going well for you. The gang all got together in Ft. Myers for spring break and golf (Rich Loose, my uncle, is a beast!). I am writing because I have shared with you that I am a teacher at Rutgers Prep in central NJ, and I hope to get up to a show this summer in NYC. Also, one of my golfers, has a father who is a famous jazz trombonist (Conrad Herwig), and I have lent him one of your CDs that I bought at your performance in Pittsburgh this summer.

Keep playing, and I will keep touting you to Conrad.


Geoff Loose


Hi Benny! We met on thursdays, a week ago, at NYJA workshop, you were replacing Kelly. I'd like to ask you about private lessons. How much is it?And what days and hours would be good for you? Please let me know :) best regards, Sara

Alison Conte

Hi Benny,
I was at your weeknight (Friday) jazz show at Dizzy's on Raviv Markowitz's set at 11:30 and saw you at the diner afterwards. You were phenomenal! I think I might have seen you around MSM before. I am a clarinetist. I'd like to be added to your mailing list. Thanks so much! -Ali

John Putzier

Heard you at Bella Sera New Years Eve and would like to speak with you about performing for one of our events. Cell: 74-991-0361

Sylvia Clark/in your grandfaher's marching band

Hello Benny. My husband and I saw/heard you at last week's CABARET CONVENTION at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Well done! I live in NY now but grew up in Pittsburgh and, in fact, was in your grandfather's Clairton High School marching band. He sure was a taskmaster...and good fun. He and my late father were friends. It was not unusual to find them sharing a drink as I raced through our house near the HS stadium after school on my way to band practice. My dad was Ange DiBernardo. He was publisher/editor of the local newspaper and pesident of school board during our few years in Clairton.
So BRAVO,. I'm sure we'll see you somewhere soon. Best of luck.

Sylvia Clark


Where you playing the remainder of this month? Wanna catch you before I leave for good.

Adam MacBlane

Hi Benny,

Here's my new email address - would love to keep receiving your updates. Looks like you're busy lately and that's a great thing to see! Keep up the great work and I hope to have you a special horn sometime in the near future :-D

Mary Ann Oklesson

Heh Benny, r u part of the Dizzys program Sat, 9/14?
Hope all's well and root for the Steelers!

Mary O

kenneth krushel

Dear Benny:
Basec on a recommendation from the Manhattan School of Music, I'd like to speak with you about palying at an engagement in mid-November. Let me know a good time to call you.
Thank yoiu.
Kenneth Krushel

Leslie Salinetro

I saw you play at Jergels, please advise if you ever have any more shows in Pittsburgh.

Geoff Loose

Benny III:

I enjoyed watching you and my Uncle Rich Loose at the Jergel's this weekend in the 'Burgh! Keep on playing and sining' man, you've got talent!


Geoff Loose
History Dept. / Asst. Golf Coach
Rutgers Preparatory School
Somerset, NJ

Steven Albright

Saw you play "Solar Flair" tonight in Irwin, PA. The high chirps you played on trumpet sounded just like the horns on the original 1969 "Planet of the Apes" movie when the apes are capturing the humans. Then you said the song is from another galaxy which ties right in with that great movie. Listen to that score to see if you agree!!!


My husband and I have loved listening to you for many years. You are so talented and have played with so many great artists. After listening to Walter White at the Detroit Jazz Festival last year, I hope that sometime soon you could play with him also. I hear that he is also a supberb educator.

Courtney L. Canfield

For one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen.

I was at the Late Night Session at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola Saturday night and you reminded me how music changes lives.

The talent present that night was amazing and it was the first time I had seen you perform. I was impressed beyond my wildest expectations.

Thanks for making the evening special.

Courtney L. Canfield

MJ Meenen

Hi Benny, I am Chris Meenen's aunt. I serve on the board of a PGH nonprofit that is doing a fund raiser in June. would love to tell you more about it....
cell 412.290.2450. Thanks!!! Mary Jo

Elizabeth Leitzell

Hi Benny,

I am the photo editor at JALC and am seeking high resolution images of your for the Dizzy's listing on our website for your upcoming performance. Could you direct me to your publicity photos or email them to me?Thanks ever so much and happy holidays!


Tom Kroupa

Congrats to you Benny for your upcoming gig at the Metropolitan Room. Wish I could be there, yearning for your return to Fairfield! btw: love this greeting tune on your website..,ciao for now, Tom

ryan socrates

hey buddy. i checked my old email and saw that you send out newsletters. please sign me up on my newer email. let me know if you have a longer stay in the burgh so we can get you in on a gig!

Lydia Wright

Hey Benny!

I just moved to Westchester and would love to come to a few gigs! Let me know which ones are must-sees :) And add me to the mailing list please!

Thanks and hope all is well.

See you soon,

Tim Leahey

I just came across the videos of your performance at the NTC competition (killing - congrats on the win!!!) I was just wonering if you had heard about our opening in the Airmen of Note & if you might be interested... I know the military hang isn't for everyone, but it's definitely a great gig. Just thought I'd throw it out there!

- Tim Leahey

David Sykut

Really enjoyed your sets last night at NOLA. Please add me to your mailing list. I'm also the managing director of a univ performing arts center as well as the facilitie's recording engineer. Would love the opportunity to work with you. www,

Violet Matteo

I"m glad to see all of the success stories about you. Now I need you to do me a favor. I would like to have your mother perform for us at Symphony East on March 18. Would you give me her phone number? The one in the book have been disconnectd.
Looking forward to hearing you again.


Violet Matteo

lois Wholey

Hi, Are you avaialble to play at The Andrew Carnegie Library & Music Hall Sept 29th from 9 Pm till midnight? Thank you, Lois WHoley
PS My nephew, Matt, recommended you. Matt says you are fantastic! So, I hope you are available.

Bob Podolinski

Hi Benny!
I like the web-site and would like to know who did it for you? I was told to contact you from Sal Richetti to get you to try and meet our son Bobby and listen to his voice and see if you two can network in the near future.
my cell is 412-670-2893 and please feel free to call me


well I recived a e mail from you I like you music we wold like to know your fees and dates you will be abole to perform for LA CUCINA GRAZIE ANNA

Jon Worthy

Very professional BB3. With the ability to locate your gigs now, I can actually attend one. Good luck this summer with your plethora of gigs-jw

David Champouillon


It was my honor to finally get to meet you and hear you play some. I wish I had taken the opprtunity to play soemthing with you - this is my loss. Next time I will sure to take the opprtunity. I felt I had my time as co-leader and it was a jamm session. I wanted to compliment you on many things but most importantly those outside of jazz trumpeting. I found you to be refreshing - personable, respectful, easy going yet passionate, and the consumate professional. These traits I didn't find in many others but you excelled in these. With your playing abilities you have but a great future ahead. Iam honored to call you a new friend. - David

marsha fernandez

Call me about Saturday performance. We do not want to move piano if you are using. Please call as soon as possible. 304-661-9591,


dude put me on your mailing list!!!

Scott Boyer

Put me on the mailing list my man.


Jack Sable

Hello Benny -- years ago, in the mid 1940's , I played sanare drum in the University of Pittsburgh Marching Band. That's when your Grandfather was a very big part of the VMB [ Varsity Marching Band ]. I can remember Benny and his clowning to this day -- and all his hard work with the arrangements. I can remember one night at band camp when he played Hail To Pitt in waltz tempo. At the time, I was a bit mad at him, but, today I remember it as Benny being Benny !! A great guy !

I have some pictures of your GrandPa from that time period. If you would be interested in copies of them, I would be glad to send them to you.


joe Negri

Hi Ben
Been wanting to get in touch ... We're doing a concert next month @ August Wilson Center ...
We should talk ..... Hope all is well and you're having
a good holiday break....

412 279 1233 home .... or email me .... Joe

tom koenig

hey benny congrats on your music and web. looks great. i wanted to hear some of your jazz but i can't get it to play. perhaps because i am at my work computer. i have an i-phone. anyway of getting any of your jazz on it? take care and keep it going.

Brian Galaviz


We've spoken once or twice over email, but I have to say thank you for the practicing tips and artists to listen to! I put your tips to work and I think that they had to do a lot with me getting the guitar chair in the Colorado All State Jazz Band after two years of being first alternate. Hope everything is going well with you!


Brian Galaviz

Rebecca LaFleur

Hi Benny,
My mother talked to you a few weeks ago about playing at a party at the Perkiomen School in PA on Feb. 11. I didn't realize that she didn't formally book you. Can we do that as soon as possible. I am so excited that you will be coming!!
Rebecca LaFleur

G. Wayland

Congrats on the things your doing. Keep it going.
I just wanted to let you know that Mr E. and I got the gym
back. We can't wait till you get back in town. No ziggy on nothing. We hope you still got a little game left.


amazing music.
COLONY will be available on
or others?
Thank you so much!

Heather Lyle- Hanbury

I wuold like to be added to your mailing list.

Stephen Hawk

Hi Benny,

I just wanted to write and offer my congratulations on so many great things that are happening for you! You sound great on here as I unfortunately haven't heard you in so long. I love your website too! Best, Steve Hawk

al morrison

Benny, Please let me know when your cd becomes available. Al

al morrison

nice working with you today and this wednesdy. I will find a case for your granfathers valve bone and get it to you wednesday. al

laura emily benack

Add me to your mailing list, fool!

Nicolas Navarre The First

I need some harmonica lessons. Do you give college kids a discount?

Laurie frink


Barbara Wilkins

Yes, please add me to your list!

Barb Wilkins

Brian Galaviz


This is directed more towards practicing. I was just wondering what practice methods you used/use to develop your jazz chops. Was the majority just transcribing?


Brian Galaviz